Think Tank: The Podcast

Presented and produced by Harry Bligh. With music and sound by Rowan Lees.

A storytelling podcast exhibiting real life stories and the lessons they can teach us. From fascinating to inspirational, we share the experiences of people from all walks of life. Our stories can be something meaningful, something defining, something worth sharing.

Think Tank: The Podcast aims to tell ordinary people’s extraordinary stories. Often about a taboo topic in society, we explore areas that others don’t. The podcast began in 2015 and was originally a space for people to express their opinions and expertise on news stories and events, this quickly changed after episodes 5 and 6 of series one where George and Emma told their stories of mental health and becoming a feminist, respectively.

In 2018 Think Tank ran the ‘What’s your story?’ campaign online, encouraging listeners to pitch their life stories to be in the series. Series two began in March 2018 and covered Islamophobia, LGBT+, Disability Rights, Grief and Scientific Discovery.

Series Two ended in March 2019 and is being succeeded by two long-length documentaries starting with Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis.

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