Stories Of The Sisterhood

Presented by Holly Morgan-Davies and Elesha-Joy Davis, with music by Elizabeth Watson. Produced by Harry Bligh

Telling the tales of influential and incredible women from days gone by, Stories of the Sisterhood came out of a love of history and a love of talking to people. When I was studying for my degree in Ancient and Medieval History, I was constantly coming across people I’d never heard of with fascinating life stories – dangerous, tragic, heroic, and sometimes just bizarre. Of course, with any history (and especially the ancient sort) the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred, and what actually happened can be a bit of a question mark. Some lives are more ‘story’ than others. But I still thought they were worth hearing.

More often than not, these stories I discovered were of women, because as you are probably aware, women do tend to get sidelined in the historical narrative. I had also been listening to more and more podcasts, and the idea formed to combine the two. I love history and I love chatting to people, so how hard could it be?

As it turns out, it is actually quite hard. There is a lot more to doing a history podcast than just talking about history. I basically roped all my friends in to help me with the music, logo, editing and presenting. After visiting Tredegar House and hearing about Gwyneth Morgan and her untimely end, I contacted a local historian called Monty Dart and asked if she would be interested in being in an episode. She was absolutely brilliant and everything you would want a first guest on your podcast to be!

I want the women we talk about on Stories of the Sisterhood to be as full of variety as possible. They don’t have to be ‘the first’ or ‘the only’ woman to achieve x, y, z. They could be your grandmother, your best friend, or just a name you came across in a book once and wished you had been able to keep reading. If you have any ideas or advice, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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