Out Of Hours

Presented by James Baker, Produced by Luke Potter

Out of Hours – a discovery dive into the world of the hobby, the interest and the dream. I find people with a passion and let their enthusiasm do the talking. I’ll be learning all I can about what we humans do with a cast of very different people from every corner of life I can find. Board Games, Wrestling, Photography, Circus skills, just to start it all awaits for you pure listening pleasure. So, whether you seek to know what something new could offer your life, if you’d like to hear about the stories of people doing what they love or if you just wanna listen to people talk passion, then make this your new adventure for the ears, mind & soul.

Presenting the ‘out of hours’ show is James Baker, a man who seeks to unravel the mystery of human activity. There’s a unique mix of excitement, happiness & pride whenever I speak to people about their interests, I’ve always enjoyed it and when I found a way to bring these stories and dreams to an audience I started work. Whenever I spoke to people about what I did with my time I realised I could be doing more, experiencing more that life has to offer, but moreover I enjoyed conversing with people who were doing just that, especially people just starting, it’s an exciting world when you look around and see what’s possible. I can only dream of meeting all types of people along the way with different stories, experiences & philosophies regarding their lifestyles. A personal goal would be for listeners to maybe consider, as I know I shall myself, trying something new.